SuperDreadi first landed in Philadelphia, as an animated, powerfully dreadlocked Black superman good and kind enough to make inspired parents proudly able to share him with their beloved children.

SuperDreadi knew transformation is his power and his mission, unconstrained by American ideas of who Black men are or should be, or how dreadlocks are or should behave. And so today he hides his alt-dimensional etheric presence inside the human flesh of Dreadi, a charismatic band leader.

Fast forward:  Black Panther earned $3B worldwide (unexpectedly, China was its biggest market); SuperDreadi knew his time had come, the world just might welcome him now.  And now, The Woman King has created a wave movement all unto its own, further showing the way for SuperDreadi.

Today SuperDreadi is more fleshed out than ever, ready to engage the entire panoply of 21st century entertainment vehicles and professionals able to lift him off the page and wow audiences everywhere. 

He’s excited to bring his wealth of cultural travels throughout our planetary history into everything he does, sharing worlds upon worlds of previously unconceived cultural storytelling.          

SuperDreadi is ready for his closeup.


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