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Chicago Indie Film Awards 2023

Berlin International Art Film Festival




Indie cinema & Screenwriting Festival

Our intention is to discover, recognize and promote independent arthouse film and screenwriting talents from all over the globe. 

Our committee will bring filmmakers, critics, writers and agents to join our judging team for each edition and vote for the best of each category. 

American and international projects compete together in various sections of the competition. Films may be available online and still enter the competition.  



LAAF is LA’s only International Animation Festival running since 2007. 

LAAF is the country’s leading international animation festival since 2007 dedicated to helping indie and student filmmakers. In 2023 we’ll be 16 years old! How time flies when you’re having fun.

The aim of LAAF is in getting filmmakers together in-person, to celebrate their work and be able to network – with colleagues and industry insiders.

Top Indie Film Awards 2022

Best Short Script
Winner: Enter the Dreadi

Quarter-Finalist Best Screenplay


The best visual effects in the universe count for nothing if a story doesn’t have a world or characters that we care about. It takes unrestrained imagination to explore new worlds and character connections through timeless fantasy and awe-inspiring science fiction, and the best scripts in these genres are nothing short of magical.

The International Animation Film Festival

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