Ext. Night. Three moons rotate above a royal palace in Sumeria – an alternate dimension of ancient Sumer. Inside, three men meet in a royal dining room after a meal: dreadlocked King Yahmaan, King of the Lock Nation, meets with his trusted advisor/mage Zendakai and his bald half-brother Set, King of the No-Lock nation, arguing over dominating other universes through the SlipStream, their fluxing time and space corridor.

Zendakai takes Prince Sargon inside the Universarium where the SlipStream merges, dissolves into and out of images reflecting the past, present and future of all time and space. They view the alternate dimension and world of bustling FLESH in New York City through Magi monitored pulsing Eye Screen Portals.

Alarms ring out – King Yahmaan is being attacked by a bald fake guard, presumably an assassin sent by King Set, causing Zendakai and Queen Inanna to fear her son, 17 year old Prince Sargon, will too be targeted as next in line to the throne.

At Queen Inanna’s command to hide the Prince from danger, Zendakai invokes a spell on Prince Sargon. With resolve in his eyes, Zendakai forcefully pushes the young Prince into the transformative SlipStream to safety in the dimension of dense earthly FLESH. Zendakai’s final words to Prince Sargon, “Son of Sumeria, forgive me!”

Inside the SlipStream, the Prince’s molecules rip apart, dissolve and reform, re-structuring him from a teenager back into a baby then up again now into a handsome, human man; a man of royal bearing; charismatic singer Dreadi, now ten years older at 27.

Ext. Night. Pan over: an expansive River and City, to a lit rooftop at the river’s edge bearing a large banner atop a makeshift stage: RENT PARTY. It’s Dreadi’s rooftop where he performs on stage with his band before an excited crowd.

Suddenly Dreadi’s third eye begins to throb. It is the Eye of Horus that shows him the vision of a plane high above them hit by a bird strike and going down! Its engines burst aflame! The trapped passengers scream! There’s no time to spare! He must take action!

Incantations echo and whisper in a slow roar, surrounding him with Light. Cosmic voices call to him to be Brave, be Strong, be Righteous.

Even though Dreadi the performer continues to sing onstage, his magically transformed out-of-body projection lifts up from him propelled into the solid, impressively muscled body and hair of mighty SuperDreadi. Spiraling jets fire down through his dreadlocks to power his flight to answer the call to service. Their eyes meet – they know each other.

SuperDreadi flashes back to the night he was struck on his third eye, branded by a cosmic Blazar, surprisingly giving him powers, and wonders, “why me?”

As he struggles to slow and right the falling plane, SuperDreadi reflects on his awesome powers: jet-fired Hair, Flight, Speed, Strength, and when he needs even more amps, his mystical powers surge into a giant semi-transparent aura surrounding him, helping to gently land the plane on the river.

Ext. Later. Night. Dreadi’s doorstep. A lonely streetlamp and a light over his doorstep illuminate the street. It starts to rain. Dreadi turns from kissing his girlfriend Zukar goodbye. In the shadows crouches an unknown, crumpled old man.

The old man emerges to convincingly reveal himself as Zendakai who has been searching for him for 50 FLESH years, though Dreadi is only 27. This reunion prompts Dreadi to recall his original alternate dimensional self, Prince Sargon, as had been foretold by his mother Queen Inanna. They embrace in the pouring rain, but their emotional reunion is cut short.

Now they both ready for battle as No-Lock Nation bald ninjas surround them on the street everywhere, and SuperDreadi emerges again. But it’s the long shadow of the ninjas’ King Set as it looms large into the scene, that threatens as the greatest danger.


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