In middle school Dreadi is an anti-bully hero for his classmates, but gets into trouble for it. Later at 28 Dreadi rides the crest of his band’s popularity when Eva, a beautiful, spoiled descendant of Nazi experiments, hungers to possess the cosmic powers she believes Dreadi possesses after her astronomer (former SS) Uncle Helmut commands her to dominate the world with those powers, as is her destiny.

After an outdoor concert, Eva tries to seduce Dreadi, but a friend shows up with bad news – Dreadi’s grandmother is dying. Later, Dreadi dreams his body and dreadlocks are endowed with magical powers by Light Beings. Once again awake when a child’s life is threatened, he supernaturally transforms into SuperDreadi to save the child.

A rejected Eva spies on Dreadi with drones, infuriated when he gains a beautiful new Gambian musician love interest, Sona. Eva swears she will not be replaced, hypnotizes Dreadi’s grocer friend where he gets fresh coconut milk every day to instead give Dreadi her poisoned coconuts, and plots to steal his powers. But he survives.

Despairing on Zoom with Uncle Helmut, he coaches her to re-connect to the Movement of the Reich as she was born to rule, by blood rights. At an Aryan Nation rally Eva recruits Leader Dicky’s “soldiers” to help her destroy SuperDreadi; together they launch multiple plots to kill him, but the stress gets to her and she starts drinking heavily (like her Dad), ultimately alarming the Aryan “soldiers.” Still their evil plans already laid, nothing can stop the ultimate destruction they’d gleefully planned.

Labor Day weekend Dreadi, Sona, and his band travel across the Brooklyn Bridge to give a free concert in the park; Eva’s Aryan minions explode the bridge’s land connections to kill everyone. Dreadi miraculously transforms into SuperDreadi; he lifts the bridge, heals time itself, and returns everyone to their former safety, never remembering the death they’d just faced.

On land, Eva is magically caught by the Light Beings, imprisoned in a cage of her own fears, and transformed into the very Black man’s life she’d previously reviled. Now seen by neighbors and cops as a Black man, Eva experiences an arresting life running and being punished in her exclusive all-white neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Dreadi is joyfully celebrated in the annual IRL West Indian Labor Day Parade as Sona and he sing a beautiful love song to each other.


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