Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus was used as a sign of prosperity and protection, derived from the holy myth with his parents Isis and Osiris. This symbol has an astonishing connection between neuroanatomical structure and function.


EYE OF HORUS Emblem in SuperDreadi

This stylized Eye of Horus is the  Emblem of the Lock Nation, of which Yahmaan is King, Sargon is his son the Prince, and Inanna is his wife the Queen. The Emblem connects their story to that of the ancient Egyptian God-triad of Osiris, Isis and Horus, a holy trinity that predates Christianity. Power flows to our hero through it., into his body and hair


Whenever visible (on the SlipStream Eye Screens and elsewhere)

– the Chinese I Chin

“HONG KONG, China (CNN) — I-Ching or the “Book of Changes” is an ancient Chinese divination manual and a b wisdom which interprets hexagrams (symbols made up of six stacked horizontal lines) formed by tossed coins t form answers to questions about the future.” It is estimated The I Ching is at least 5,000 years old, used every by millions.




On Page 1 of “Enter the Dreadi”© in an alternate dimension of ancient Sumeria, where royalty has travelled to many lands, and brought back symbols of strength and wisdom, the ancient Persian monotheistic religion of Zoroastrianism image of Faravahar is represented by the flying winged figures, said to represent their God, Ahura Mazda. The three layers of feathers on the wings stand for the three admirable axioms of their faith – Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds, and the spirit of man rising from Eternity shows the choices we have to grow into Enlightenment.



Ancient Internationally Recognized Symbols Present on Characters & Tied Into Future Stories – Each Character Has Their Own Identifying Symbol

Modern Symbol for the Ancient I-Ching Zendakai Wears

Genghis Khan/Mongol Empire Symbols which appears on what Zendakai’s Wears

Queen Inanna’s Heart Wrapped into a Trinity Celtic

King Set’s Snake Symbol

Warrioress Zenobia (African) Symbol

Cousin Jahmani (Native American Shamaan)  Pattern

In Real Life King Sargon of Ancient Sumer and Akkadia

Ruled Mesopotamia for 56 years as the World’s First Emperor 4000 years ago; His origin story precedes the Biblical story of Moses

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